Switching Vendors

To switch vendors on your ADM FarmView account, access the attached PDF and follow the screenshots and instructions.

Instructions Summary:

1. Select My Account from the Menu
2. Once My Account is selected, be sure the correct Customer is listed. If you’d like to view another customer, tap the green Customer bar at the top to view the list of vendors you have access to view and select the desired customer from this list.

3. A search feature may also be available for you to search the vendor list, depending on the number of vendors you have access to. Type the name of the vendor in the search box.
Note: The customer you select will stay selected throughout the My Account pages until you change it. You can to go back to the My Account screen to change the customer or select Switch Customer on the menu screen.


My_Acccount_Switching_Vendors.pdf My_Acccount_Switching_Vendors.pdf

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