Deliveries Navigation

For a detailed illustration of how to navigate the Deliveries section of My Account in ADM FarmView, access the attached PDF and follow the screenshots and instructions.

Instructions Summary:

1. Select Deliveries from the main My Account screen

2. The first screen after selecting Deliveries sorts the delivery tickets by commodity 
The black number below the commodity name shows total delivered quantity of the commodity, which includes both applied & unapplied.
The red number is the portion of delivered bushels that are unapplied.

3. Select the commodity to see a breakdown of the delivered quantity by location for the selected commodity.
Again, the bushels are displayed to show the total bushels of the selected commodity delivered to each location in black and the unapplied portion of those bushels in red. If all delivered bushels have been applied, the red number will not display.

4. The list of delivery tickets comprising the delivered bushels to the selected location is displayed after selecting the location.
From the list screen, the following information is available: Date & Time delivered, Ticket Number, Quantity and the following grades: TW, MO, DM, FM
Note: The quantity displayed is the portion of the total ticket that is applied to you, which will not be the total delivered on the ticket if the ticket has been split.

5. To view more detailed information for an individual ticket, select the ticket from the list.
Scroll down on the screen (by swiping up on your mobile touch screen device) to view all the ticket information available.

6. From the bottom of the ticket details page, direct navigation to the Contract details, Payment details and the Delivery Sheet PDF associated with the ticket is available depending on the status of the ticket. Selecting one of these items navigates to that section directly by selecting Payment #_13076 from the delivery ticket details screen.
Note: The Delivery Sheet PDFs are only available from the last 6 months.
If you select a delivery sheet that is older than 6 months and unavailable in the FarmView system, you will receive a message displaying the following: “The document you are requesting is not available on FarmView at this time. Please contact your merchandiser for assistance.”



Deliveries.pdf Deliveries.pdf

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