Deliveries: Searching & Filtering

For a detailed illustration of how to Search & Filter within the Deliveries section of My Account in ADM FarmView, access the attached PDF and follow the screenshots and instructions.

Instructions Summary:

1. If the delivery ticket is known, the corresponding delivery can be found by selecting the search icon, which will bring up the Ticket Search window. Type the ticket number and select Find to locate the specific ticket.
Note: At least 3 digits are needed to search. If entering a portion of the number, search results will return any ticket numbers including the entered digits.

2. The date filter on the top left on the green bar below the Deliveries title defaults to displaying deliveries from the Last 90 days.
Select any of the available date range options to filter the results in Deliveries: Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, Last 90 Days, Last 12 Months or use the Custom search to select a date range of your choice.
Be sure to select Apply for your selection to be saved and take effect on the results.

3. Selecting the Custom filter option and clicking in either the From or To fields provides the functionality to choose the month, day and year in both fields to create the range you would like use to filter the tickets. Scroll to choose each date element and select Done when your selection is finished.
Once the desired dates have been selected in the From and To fields, click Apply for the custom selection to take effect on the results.

4. The Filter on the top right on the green bar below the Deliveries title is used to filter Deliveries by Farm/Split.
Select one or multiple farms/splits to view only delivery tickets from the selected farm/split(s) by clicking the blank box to the right of each of the options. Any selections can be seen under the ‘Farm’ label within the filter window. The selected farm/split(s) are also indicated with a green checkmark in the list.
Click Clear All if selections have been made that you’d like to clear. Or, click individual farm/split(s) that currently have a checkmark to de-select one at a time.
Remember: Select Apply for any changes to take effect on the Deliveries results


Deliveries-_Search_and_Filter.pdf Deliveries-_Search_and_Filter.pdf

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